Next Tournament

Saturday April 27th

1pm Swiss

Streamer Lower Class Hero and Bree Horstkamp

Follow Lower Class Hero by clicking HERE

1.    All Bandai DBS TCG Rules apply to the game

2.    Only Tournament legal cards may be played

3.    You may not slow play. (intentionally taking the game slowly so it goes to time)

4.    For any issues, you'll message a judge on discord with a screenshot.

5.    Please be kind and courteous to your opponent. If you are rude or disrespectful to your opponent, you will be first warned and on multiple offenses, the player will be DQ’d.

6.    If you are not on time for your round in the tournament if BO1 you are DQ’d if BO3 and you are 5 minutes late you lose round 1, and 15 minutes late you are DQ’d.

7.    You MUST submit your decklist by 12 pm Midnight the night before

8.    Every game will follow turn 0 for game end

9.    No Intentional Draws

Fennec Gaming Tournament Rules

If less than 8 people sign up for a tournament- there will be half prizing.