Tony Lavelle (Lower Class Hero)

One of Fennec's 2 awesome players from the state of Hawaii. An incredible deck builder to help build Fennec Games to full potential.

Notable accomplishments include:

Multiple top 8's in Yugioh regionals over the years, hosted organized and judged Yugioh events the last 6 years been an experienced deck builder for many big names in Yugioh.


I have been playing the DBS Card Game since it released in TN and MO. This is the first card game I’ve played competitively and now make content for it on YouTube and Twitch as well. This is an amazing and fast-growing game! I have come close to topping Regionals twice, with finishes at 36th and 34th. I got 1st place at ARG summer states, and 2nd place at ARG Fall States. I’m happy to have a team to call home now! Team Fennec!

Favorite DBS character: Vegeta

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