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Getting Started with OCTGN for Dragon Ball Super

To play you will need to install the OCTGN software then select the Dragon Ball S game. It is currently labeled as in testing as the game hasn't come out yet. Once you have done so, you will also want to install the images, which you can download from here:


You will want the file which begins with "Dragon_Ball_Super_Full". Once you have downloaded that file, click on the Add Image Pack button in the OCTGN game manager and select the file you downloaded. With those few steps, you are ready to make a deck and play people.

Make your Deck

To make a deck you’ll select Deck Editor and drag and drop the cards you want to use into the deck (It allows you to add more than 4, keep with the Dragon Ball Super game specifications for the best play)

Once you are done with making your deck select (Play or Spectate)

Then to start a game click start or double click a current game to play or spectate.

Important Keys:

Starting your game:

CTRL L – To bring up the screen to load in your deck

CTRL R – Roll your die

F12 to set up your game

F10 to set up your game

Put back your cards you don’t want to use and CTRL S to shuffle.

To Draw:

Ctrl M will automatically shuffle your deck then draw until you have 6 cards.

CTRL D draws a single card

Or CTRL X to select a number of cards to draw

or Drag from the deck into your hand

Main Gameplay:

F1 - Untaps all cards

CTRL 1 - puts in chat that you have no counters.

CTRL 2 - puts in chat that you have no blocks.

CTRL 3 - puts in chat that you have no combos.

Shift (Click on the card you want to use) and drag to target the card you are attacking.

ESC will clear all targets

Hover over a card and click DEL to remove it to the discard pile

Ctrl E – charge as energy (or double click to charge a card as energy)

Ctrl P – Play card

CTRL A – will activate a card’s auto (Kind Saiyan Son Goku will look at the top 7 cards for a Goku)

*This feature is still under work as of 12/31/2017 and works with a good portion of cards*

CTRL G – Taps or untaps a card (including energy)

  • You can Left click with shift and then use this to untap / tap multiple at a time.

To Pass turn hit the opponents green arrow (play button)

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