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Getting your head in the game! Or getting into the game in general.

Two regionals in and you may be starting to see some of the major hype around this game. Dragon Ball Super Trading Card Game?

Is it the same as Panini? No, it’s made by Bandai and major events are supported by ARG. Does it have a lot of support? Well, to put it into perspective the Panini Dragon Ball regionals had less people than is projected to be attending each of the first six Dragon Ball Super Regionals.

Getting your cards!

How do you get into such a cool game you may ask? (Cause if you aren’t into it already, let’s face it you are here because you want to be) It’s not that hard! A lot of stores are starting to pick up on the hype so if you have a local card shop you can see if they have the game and stock. You can check out the starter Goku deck (This leader has gone top 16 in Regionals!). Target is also a supplier for the card game! Grab a starter deck and some packs and hop on this bandwagon!

Learn the Rules

Another great way to get started to see if the game is for you is to try the app and get a feel of the game and learn the basic rules. Click below for a link to the App. It is available on mobile for both Android and iPhone as well as Mac and PC.


If you want to use the Shop list to check if your local Hobby shop may carry it, then my suggestion is just searching by State. The other search filters don’t bring up much if anything.

Facebook Resources

You’re going to be the most successful finding your community on Facebook. Search your area or the area your suburb is a part of in groups and see what Dragon Ball Super TCG communities pop up! There is also a national community group that you can post in to find the more localized groups.

The national group name is: Dragon Ball Super Card Game Community Discussion Group

We are also going to have our “forum” up and running here soon so you can post questions, ask about deck profiles we post, and share your content to have a chance to be featured on our site. (keep an eye out for this)


Don’t have the money to get started into a card game right now? Well, how about you join us on OCTGN and play online and get to try out any deck builds you’d like! It’s also a great way to try out a deck build before purchasing some more pricy cards you may want. Check out the OCTGN page for more information and download links to that.

You’ll always be able to check our site for events coming up with links to pre-register.

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